Empathism: Happiness through the Other
Joao Carlos Holland de Barcellos, April, 2007
translated by Debora Policastro

The Empathism is a doctrine that promotes happiness mainly through EMPATHY.
From em+Gr. Páthos, state of soul
Noun. the ability to share someone else's feelings or experiences by imagining what it would be like to be in their situation
Empathy is a felling that makes us feel what the others feel: if he/she suffers, I suffer. If he/she is happy, I am happy too.

The “others” are all the other beings that are related to us.

Therefore, empatism wants us to be happy not through selfishness or simple sensorial pleasures, but through our fellow creature’s happiness.

It is a way of promoting the altruism and goodness through the sensation this goodness causes in another person.

We all have basically the same mental apparatus which forms consciousness, thus, it is not very different if others feel pleasure or us. Pleasure is contributing to happiness and we must nourish it in everyone that can feel it.

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