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The “Jocaxian Nothingness” - The “Jocaxian Nothingness” (JN) is the “Nothingness” that exists..

F.A.Q. of the “Jocaxian Nothingness” -Frequently asked questions about the Jocaxian Nothingness "JN"
.The Destropic Principle - Why the Anthropic Principle is wrong?

.The Jocaxian Theorems - Some theorems written by Jocax

.The Jocaxian Little Blue Devil - Arguments and proofs against God's existence.

.Empathism - : Happiness through the Other.

.The Philosophical Uncertainty Principle - : PUP a new principle of uncertainty.

.Revolution in Law - : Truth and justice must prevail again.

.The Jocaxian Democracy - : The best democracy.

.The Expanded Science - : A new concept of science .

.Felicitax: The Construction of Deux - : God does not exist, but can be built.”.

.The New Inductivism - : All science must be inductive .

.The Genismo - : A Scientific Life Philosophy .

.The Decreasing Universe and the End of the Dark Energy - : A New Hipothesis about Cosmos .

.The Origin of the Universe according to Jocax - : A New Philosophical theory about Origin of the Cosmos .

.The Terrible VM2C (VM2F) - : induces the infected individual not to have more than two children . .

.Multi-Consciousness - : Each brain module could be seen as having its own "consciousness" .

.Love, according to Jocax - : Romantic Love is an instinct to do Genetic Quality Control .

.The "Grey Cloud"- : Try doing a mental experiment: think of a brain... .

.The Guardians of the Pyramid - : How the capipalism evolve and modify all of our lifes .

.Why is Capitalism going to end? - : Jocax mathematically proves that capitalism is not self -sustaining . .



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